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Membership Benefits

Being a member of SUPC comes with considerable benefits that will help your institution meet its strategic and immediate purchasing needs.  

In 2017/18 SUPC members realised over £53 million in quantifiable savings, including £24 million in cashable savings.  SUPC also returned over £680 k of marketing premiums to members.  Approximately 50% of full members completely cover the cost of their annual membership through returned marketing premium and 90% of full and associate members will receive some marketing premium back. 

Guaranteed EU Compliance
All SUPC framework agreements are compliant with EU Procurement Directives and are professionally managed. This reduces your risk of EU legal challenges, saves you significant time in your procurement process and ensures that prices and service remain the best throughout the life of the agreement.


Value Added Services

New for 2018, our Value Added Services offer a suite of significantly discounted services to our valued members. Responding to our members' feedback, SUPC has worked diligently with 3rd party providers to offer a range of new services including. For more information, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Guaranteed Collaboration 
SUPC members have access to a wide range of collaborative procurement agreements.  Collaborative procurement supports cost savings by harnessing mass buying power, consolidates and streamlines supplier relationships for greater efficiency and reduces duplication of effort.


Access to a Diverse Range of Professionally Managed Contracts
SUPC members have access to over 90 professionally managed framework agreements that cover a wide range of products and service areas commonly used throughout higher and further education organisations.

Access to Specialist Procurement Support *
Full members have access to several SUPC-led commodity groups.  Each group provides an opportunity for members to meet, share ideas and best practice, and influence suppliers.  

Free Access to Selected Agreements Offered by Other Consortia
SUPC works closely with other regional purchasing consortia in England, Scotland and Wales, as well as with commodity-specific national consortia, to give members access to agreements for products and services that are not offered by SUPC.  This allows our members to benefit from the economies of scale of inter-regional and national aggregation and allows us to maintain focus on delivering high-quality service to our members.

Access to Professional Development Training
Through the Higher Education Procurement Association (HEPA), SUPC members have access to ongoing professional development training at a reduced cost.  We also arrange commodity focussed events for our members.

Free Access to Creditsafe
Creditsafe is a quick, online credit referencing service that allows you to check supplier credit scores.  The service allows you to monitor and analyse companies of your choice, minimising and managing risk when working with suppliers.


The Latest Information on Agreements, Events and Sector Updates
SUPC sends out regular member-only eDigests, email updates and event notices to make sure members are aware of the latest agreement developments, events and sector activities to support their procurement activities. 

Annual Member Benefit Statement *
SUPC Members receive an annual Member Benefit Statement that identifies your institution’s unique spend profile, and the return on investment your institution receives as a member. The report will also help you identify which areas your institution could focus on to realise increased savings.

Annual Scope3 Carbon Emissions Report *
Scope 3 emissions are indirect emissions that organisations produce through their activities, but occur from sources not owned or controlled by the organisation. SUPC will use the HEFCE-originated reporting tool to produce a report that will identify Scope3 emissions related to your institution.  This can help you benchmark and manage your sustainability goals going forward.

National Representation
SUPC works with the other regional purchasing consortia to influence higher education procurement strategy in the interests of our members.  Operationally, we also work very closely with the other regional and commodity-focused higher education consortia. A key operational group is the Joint Contracting Group that manages commodity and contracting strategies and plans on a national basis to ensure that all delivery partners are working to provide the best value and minimum duplication.


*These services are not available to our Affiliate Associate Members.