12th November 2020

While business travel has all but come to a standstill, it is a good time to review your needs going forwards. Many institutions have been going to market via the framework for their new travel programs.

Working in collaboration with the suppliers on the Travel Management Services framework agreement Lot 1 – Business Travel Management, we’ve pulled together some guidance to help you with your mini-competition:

  • make the most of the framework
  • look beyond cost to create value
  • streamline the process
  • avoid some activities which don’t add any value to your procurement process or your end result.

This time, we’re not all about savings. We are working to create value, make the best use of the time and resources, and manage risk in the time of a pandemic. There are some really specific areas of guidance that apply because of the pandemic, so as the situation changes, we’ll update this guide for you and your teams.

Supporting Documents