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1st July 2021 Member Update

SUPC members can now access the re-tendered Antibodies & Sera and other matrices (LAB4042) framework agreement – the only higher education focused antibodies agreement available to universities. The agreement went live on the 1 of July 2021 and will run for 30 months with an optional 6-month extension. This agreement is planned to run coterminous with the NEUPC Life Science Reagents agreement as they will be a combined framework for any new versions.

Framework Launch Presentation

For a full breakdown of how to use the framework please watch the interactive video above. Please use the arrows to move through to the next section or click directly on the required section of the video.

Framework Details

What’s New:

  • This iteration of the framework features two new suppliers: Enzo and Cambridge BioScience.
  • Members can use a revised further competition option for the procurement of sera (lot 2).

Benefits of Using This Agreement:

  • Fixed commercial terms on all lots.
  • An easy and compliant route to market for participating Institutions.
  • Increased customer choice through a high number of participating suppliers.
  • Additional discounts and institution/project-specific service requirements can be requested via the further competition call off method.
  • Annual lot rankings are refreshed to improve competitive pricing.
  • Robust framework management process in place.

Awarded Suppliers:

The following suppliers have been awarded to the agreement under two lots:

Lot 1 – Antibodies

  • Stratech
  • Biotechne Ltd
  • BioServ UK Ltd
  • Proteintech
  • Fisher Scientific UK Ltd
  • Miltenyi Biotec Ltd
  • 2B Scientific Ltd
  • Merck Life Science UK Limited
  • Cambridge BioScience
  • Cell Signalling Technology Europe B.V
  • Enzo Life Sciences
  • Oxford Biosystems
  • Biolegend
  • Insight Biotechnology
  • Generon Ltd
  • Takara
  • Agilent Technologies LDA UK Limited

Lot 2 – Sera and other matrices

  • BioServ UK
  • Stratech
  • 2B Scientific Ltd
  • Fisher Scientific
  • Merck
  • Takara
  • Agilent Technologies LDA UK Limited

SUPC Category Manager for STEMed Dani Sweeney says “This framework will help universities conducting vital research to procure their supplies in a cost-effective and compliant way.  As the only higher education-focused agreement for antibodies, this procurement solution meets an essential need and we’re confident will provide excellent value to the sector.

Further information including contact details, service offering and achieved scores is provided in the Buyers Guide available on HE Contracts.