23rd May 2024

We know there’s never been a more challenging financial outlook for Higher Education in the UK. The combination of funding uncertainty and rising operating costs mean that most institutions are having to make difficult strategic choices to ensure their financial sustainability. For many, this has meant staffing redundancies.

While they may ultimately need to be part of your plan, there’s a better place to begin your search for efficiencies: the Procurement Value Assessment (PVA).

If you’re looking for a smarter solution, the PVA could be your key to unlocking hidden opportunities and optimising your procurement strategy for maximum efficiency.

It provides expert insights and objective strategies tailored to revitalise your procurement process and maximise savings on non-pay expenditures.

Here’s what you can expect from the PVA:

But that’s not all. After the assessment, you’ll receive a personalised action plan designed to implement these benefits seamlessly, ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of your organisation.

Ready to start exploring your true savings potential today?

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