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26th April 2022 11:00 - 12:00 Online
Join SUPC for a 60-minute online event on Library Purchasing: Navigating a Complex Market to Find Best Value.


Library purchasing has long been transitioning from physical to digital resources and pandemic restrictions have accelerated this process. In 2018-19 spending via the SUPC-managed Books/e-books framework agreement was 44% digital and rising gradually. In 2020-21 the digital spend had risen dramatically to 86% of the £73 million spent. This transition has been accompanied by the rapid development of library systems with increased potential for interoperability with supplier systems.

The days of comparing like for like across suppliers are long gone and have been replaced by a complex landscape of licensing and systems compatibility. Throw in the associated jargon and acronyms and our procurement teams and librarians may as well be speaking different languages, making it difficult to understand how to achieve best value.

This event assumes no particular prior knowledge and will introduce some library purchasing fundamentals to help procurement teams to work effectively with library colleagues and understand where value lies.

The event will cover:

  • E-book licencing overview
  • The role of Jisc
  • Print isn’t dead but where does it fit in?
  • Systems interoperability and the dawn of AI
  • What is metadata and why you should care
  • How does the framework agreement accommodate all this?
  • Responsible Procurement in libraries

While aimed mainly at procurement teams, all are welcome and plenty of time will be allowed for discussion and questions.


Online registrations will close at 12 PM on Thursday 21 April.

This event is FREE and open to all UKUPC consortia members. Please 'REGISTER' above to secure your place. Joining instructions will be sent nearer to the event.


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