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4th June 2024 Member Update

We are excited to announce a significant enhancement to our members, the introduction of the SUPC Inflationary Tool as a key tool to empower our members’ procurement activities. This strategic data lead initiative aims to provide valuable insights into economic trends, allowing SUPC and members, to make more informed decisions and optimise procurement strategies.

What are the benefits to members?

As members of SUPC you will have access to timely and relevant information that will empower you to:

  • Make informed decisions about supplier selection and sourcing strategies.
  • Evaluate and negotiate contracts with a comprehensive understanding of the economic landscape.
  • Contribute to more accurate budgeting and financial planning for your procurement projects.
  • Structure contracts with clauses that account for inflation, fostering fair and sustainable relationships.

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The tool will be updated and shared on a quarterly basis to members and will be located on our webpage in the membership section in:

Our investment in business insight and analysis

SUPC is a dynamic and values focused organisation dedicated to supporting the UK’s Higher Education sector. It’s our mission to deliver a comprehensive set of high-quality procurement services that add tangible value to our members, allowing you to deliver value for money to students, staff, and wider communities.

A crucial area of these services is business insight and data analysis. Over the last few years, we have been investing significantly in the SUMS Group Business Intelligence team, to ensure our decisions are informed by data. We want our members to benefit by making best use of the wealth of data we have access to. That’s why we have created the SUPC Inflationary Report tool for you.

Your Feedback Matters:

We work hard to deliver exceptional value for our SUPC members. SUPC membership offers access to a wide range of value-added benefits to support your procurement team, and we are continuously reviewing these to bring you free events, tailored support, effective analysis and insights, as well as beneficial arrangements with other relevant organisations.

We hope you find the inflationary tool useful and welcome further feedback on member benefits to