26th October 2020

The LUPC & SUPC responsible procurement event, taking place on 4th November, will not only be an opportunity for you to learn from some excellent speakers, but it will also signal the start of wider collaborative work.

Historically, SUPC and LUPC have both held their own regional responsible procurement group networking meetings.  From early 2021, we will begin to combine our meetings, widening participation of the groups to bring greater visibility to projects being undertaken throughout our combined membership and strengthening relationships between members.

Each meeting will begin with a presentation from an attendee, providing an opportunity to learn from those who are making changes.  This will be followed by discussion from members on appropriate and interesting topics.  Our focus will always be sharing best practice and helping anyone interested by supporting the development of practical advice and guidance on important and relevant subjects.

To get involved, please contact SUPC Category Manager, Jayne Thorn.