1st September 2021

UK Universities Purchasing Consortia (UKUPC) – of which SUPC is an active member – has produced a document providing insight to members on what is happening in national and international supply chains. The report was emailed to heads of procurement on 1 September and will be updated and circulated quarterly. We hope this comprehensive support document will be helpful to our members and their teams when considering their current procurement activity and strategic planning.

Understanding real-time information regarding the markets from which we are purchasing is key to making good, strategic and commercial procurement decisions.  Recognising and acknowledging challenges and opportunities means we are able to appropriately manage our requirements to ensure continuity of supply at appropriate pricing, while also managing risks.   

We would welcome your comments on the content, structure and usefulness of the Insight document to ensure the next iteration of this report, which will be published in December (and quarterly thereafter), is even more valuable.

Please contact Rob Johnson for a copy of the document (members only) or to provide feedback.

We also encourage you to contact the appropriate team member at SUPC to discuss your experiences or requirements in more detail, we have a wealth of information to share and are equally keen to hear your experiences.