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Annual Efficiency Return: Headline Results in 2016-17

Annual Efficiency Return: Headline Results in 2016-17

Good news, the headline results for the annual efficiency return are in! Recently, all HEFCE-funded providers were recently required to submit an annual efficiency return - collecting data on all of the efficiencies realised in the 2016-17 academic year.


Now that the data has been analysed, the results have made for some excellent reading for Higher Education Institutions. The headline results have shown that the total cash value for efficiencies reported by HEFCE-funded institutions for 2016-17 was £912 million, representing 3.2% of total sector expenditure in the same year!


These impressive results highlight the efficiencies provided by collaborative procurement activity. Institutions that are interested to learn more on SUPC's collaborative procurement activity can get in contact with us for free, and for a full overview of the results, please click here.