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Brexit Supplier Assessment Update - 19 March

Brexit Supplier Assessment Update - 19 March


The spreadsheet below is accurate as of 19 March. Please log in to view.


Member should also be aware of the following sector resources to support Brexit preparedness:


 SUPC and the five other UK university purchasing consortia (UKUPC) contacted suppliers and asked them to self-assess the implications of Brexit on their labour use, the supply chain, and regulatory and commercial aspects.


We have summarised the responses into a spreadsheet which can be accessed below by members. Members will need to log in to view this document.


The spreadsheet shows:

  • If a supplier has identified themselves as being subject to a low, medium or high impact risk across each of the four impact areas (labour, supply chain, regulatory and commercial).

  • Where available, a description of the risk consideration as provided by the respective Consortium
  • Where available, a description of mitigating actions in place – SUPC category managers are following up with all suppliers who have identified a risk, but no mitigating action. 
From the self-assessment the key themes identified by suppliers to SUPC are:
  • Currency fluctuation concerns over Brexit and how that will impact the pound/cost within the supply chain.
  • Customs and excise concerns over the potential for changing tariffs and delays due to customs and border checks if products are sourced from/come through the EU.
  • Supply chain concerns for products (particularly those related to laboratories, paper supply and periodicals) that are sourced wholly or partially through the EU.


Please note, this is a snapshot in time of supplier-identified impacts and preparedness and should not, under any circumstances, be used as criteria for award.  All EU regulations and framework terms and conditions still apply with regard to determining Award Criteria and the information should be used to gain a better understanding of a suppliers’ current position, rather than to inform any future award. 

We will update the assessment spreadsheet regularly.  If you have any questions, please contact SUPC Head of Category Management and Services Rob Johnson