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New IT-Related Accessories and Parts (ITRAP) Agreement Now Live

New IT-Related Accessories and Parts (ITRAP) Agreement Now Live

SUPC members and universities across the UK can buy essential IT products through the EU-compliant IT-Related Accessories and Parts (ITRAP) Agreement.  The agreement covers some of the most vital IT supplies that allow students and staff to study and work effectively.


Consortia members can buy everything from storage media, to IT security products, to special needs and assisted technology.  Members can find a full list of products and helpful information about how to use the agreement on www.hecontracts.co.uk


The UK HE sector spends an estimated £20m in this area each year.  This agreement provides stability for universities and supports longer-term business planning by providing price constancy in the face of market fluxes. Starting on 3 February 2020, it will run for three years with a potential additional 1-year extension.  



Members using the agreement will benefit from:

  • Competitive pricing based on economies of scale from aggregated spend.
  • Direct price-based savings of up to an estimated 3%.
  • Established Terms and Conditions already agreed with suppliers.
  • Reduced administrative effort and saving you time and money.
  • A longer-term and relationship with suppliers, helping them to better understand and meet your needs.
  • The flexibility to determine specific requirements at the call off stage.


Members have access to market leaders who provide value for money and a show commitment to responsible procurement.  Our agreement suppliers are: Academia Ltd, Ballicom International, Banner Group Limited, Insight Direct (UK) Ltd, MAE Ltd t/a Primo IT, Softcat Plc and XMA Limited.


 “This new iteration welcomes two new suppliers to the agreement.  Members who are able to commit to spend above certain thresholds can also benefit from rebates.  This makes the agreement an excellent option for members.” Says SUPC Category Manager Tammie Purdue. 


This agreement is available to members of the UK University Purchasing Consortia (UKUPC): Higher Education Purchasing Consortium (Wales), London Universities Purchasing Consortium, North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium, and North Western Universities Purchasing Consortium and Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (Scotland).


For more information on this agreement, please visit www.hecontracts.co.uk or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.