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SUPC Category Updates - 20 August 2020

SUPC Category Updates - 20 August 2020

20th August 2020


As more information about the coronavirus and its impact is emerging, we continue to explore potential impacts on supply chains.  Our category managers are working with suppliers and counter-parts across the consortia to understand which suppliers may be impacted, how this might impact supply, and what, if any, contingencies can be made.  As part of our work we are keeping a close eye on the long-term sustainability of framework suppliers and will update you with information, as it becomes available. You can find updates on each of our Categories below.


Academic Services


  • Continued support for members awarding to new suppliers following the demise of Dawson Books.
  • Continued work on the books retender, including sector engagement around metadata.
  • Collaboration with Jisc to provide a compliant procurement route for new e-textbook offers.
  • Investigating the opportunity to provide annual financial checks to members for suppliers across the two library agreements.
  • Gavin will be speaking on the subject of procurement as a means of providing better value to libraries at the CILIP-MDG conference in September. This will relate specifically to library metadata and will be co-presented with a librarian from one of our members (Jenny May at Imperial College London).

Please contact Category Manager Gavin Phillips for more details.


Corporate Services


  • Significant activity in investigating issues and opportunities associated with the charter of aircraft for movement of international students from China and India.  Webinars have been set up for national HE participation hosted by Clarity. Jayne has also participated in several discussions with UUK and broader sector representatives
  • Temporary and Perm recruitment is still slow, but as campuses start opening towards the end of summer, we should see an uplift in that framework as well.

Responsible Procurement: Following discussion at a Council Coffee morning Jayne is taking the lead on establishing a group to focus on Equality Diversity & Inclusion within HE Procurement.  The Group is intended to address two main aspects:

  •  Increasing engagement covered by the Protected characteristics of the Equality Act.
  • Creating a tool kit/briefing materials for deployment in HE supply chains.

Please contact Category Manager Jayne Thorn for more details.




  • SUPC PPE requirements exercise with a final list of items issued to suppliers with approximate quantities for pricing, stock availability, etc. Responses received and circulated to participating members.  Take up proved to be particularly disappointing given level of initial interest and the amount of effort expended in bringing to fruition.
  • PPE advice document developed as a collaborative effort by SUPC, LUPC, NWUPC and NEUPC has been distributed to members. This is a summary and overview of our combined experiences in approaching the market for PPE and the considerations involved.
  • Taron is supporting evaluation of the NEUPC led Flooring solutions framework.

Please contact Assistant Category Manager Taron Smith for more details.




  • SLRA – currently out to tender with a submission date of 2nd September.  38 expressions of interest. Currently developing evaluation plan and score sheets.
  • SSSNA – developing the draft strategy with a view to holding a tender working party early September.
  • Kinetics – NICT Group working with UCISA on Kinetics price increases across the sector.
  • Zellis – working with APUC and some members on issues around the renewal of on-premise solutions via the APUC framework.
  • NICT Group – Regular meetings in place.  Currently working on a spend analysis program to identify gaps and seek areas where new frameworks could be implemented.
  • AV tender evaluation completed and framework awarded.  Awaiting final go-live date.
  • NEPA2 – NEUPC is finalising tender documents ready to issue.
  • HENSS Framework – due to be extended for a further year.
  • Apple Framework – tender documents being drafted by HEPCW ready to issue.
  • VLE Framework – drafting documents ready to issue in the next few weeks.

Please contact Category Manager Tammie Purdue for more details.




  • Laboratory Gases; Framework extension for 6 months from current October expiry being finalised to enable full participation by suppliers and subsequently by evaluators. (Availability of both communities is likely to have been significantly impacted by COVID 19.) The plan is to publish the tender in November for award in April.
  • Renewal of Antibodies framework post current June 2021 expiry under review. Refreshed Specification and Lot Structure proposed. Duration of framework will also be aligned to allow potential link with NEUPC Life Sciences Reagents agreement circa 2023.
  • Dani is also undertaking a review of the overarching Stemed portfolio Strategy with a view to update it for a 5-year forward-looking plan.