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Transforming Procurement at the University of Bristol

Transforming Procurement at the University of Bristol

The University of Bristol underwent its first Procurement Maturity Assessment in 2014, a useful exercise that helped the university identify where it was and where it wanted to be. When new Head of Procurement Anj Cooke joined Bristol later that year, she set a clear goal of moving the university from its ‘Developing’ level of maturity up the ladder towards ‘Superior’. And with a 32.7% improvement in maturity score after their interim assessment in 2016, they’re well on their way.


As the procurement team moves forward under a new ethos, Cooke says, “Our improvement between PMAs has not been limited to financial deliverables. The team has really improved on strategic thinking, and has managed to think outside the box and do things differently. Influencing stakeholders, as a skill, has been key. We are on the map! This ensures great focus and benefits for all the stakeholders. Cross-functional work will be key in the years to come and procurement will become fully integrated in the growth of the business.” 


To read the complete story of Bristol's procurement development, click on the document below.


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