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UK University Purchasing Consortia (UKUPC) Impact Statement

UK University Purchasing Consortia (UKUPC) Impact Statement

The UKUPC Impact Statement highlights the spend and supporting activities represented by all of the UKUPC, including SUPC.  SUPC membership spend and savings in 2018/19 accounted for a significant portion of national totals.  Our member spend of just over £487 M accounted for 26% of all university consortia spend across the UK.  The quantifiable savings of £63 M realised by members accounted for 36% of all quantifiable savings achieved nationally.  We also led six of the top 10 agreements used across the UK – the most led by any individual consortium. 


We look forward to sharing the SUPC Annual Report with you in February, which will include more information on savings achieved and highlight how SUPC has delivered value for money to you and our wider community. 


The UK Universities Purchasing Consortia (UKUPC) is a partnership between eight UK Consortia who created a formal entity to support collaborative procurement within Higher Education.  We work together to share knowledge and best practice, to support each other and our wider procurement community.

A message from the UKUPC Board Chair


I am delighted to introduce the first UKUPC (UK Universities Purchasing Consortia) Impact Statement. This document sets out the impact and value that this formal partnership between the UK purchasing consortia delivers. Clear focus and delivery of procurement based cashable/non-cashable savings is supplemented by training, events, sharing of best practice and responsible procurement. By collaborating as the UKUPC; we draw upon a wealth of expertise, knowledge and experience in each individual consortium and deliver far greater value to you, the members.


Richard Murphy

Chair - UKUPC (UK Universities Purchasing Consortia)

Managing Director – TEC (The Energy Consortium)


Please click below to view the UKUPC Impact Statement