18th February 2021

SUPC members can now access the re-tendered Software Licence Resellers Agreement (SLRA) for their student and staff software needs.  The agreement provides a compliant route to market for universities to purchase Microsoft, Adobe, VMWare and other software and related services.  Offering a cost-effective procurement option which provides access to a wide range of reputable suppliers, SUPC expects over £130m in university and public sector spend to be funnelled through the framework during its three-year lifespan.  The agreement will run from 22 February 2021 until 22 February 2024, with the option to extend by a further year.   

By using the agreement, members will benefit from:
  • Excellent value that takes into account both quality and price.
  • An easy and compliant route to the market.
  • A large choice of reputable and vetted suppliers.
  • Regular framework management of both operations and commerciality, undertaken on your behalf by SUPC.
  • Inclusion of structured KPIs to manage supplier performance.
  • Access to responsible and sustainable suppliers.
  • The ability to buy a range of products through single-source options.
  • The ability to consolidate and reduce your supplier base for software licencing.
  • New pricing, including consumption-based models, to make sure you’re only charged for what you use.
  • A new lot (lot 5), which includes a broader range of services such as cloud optimisation and cloud readiness.
  • Access to the Eduserve Chest Agreements, offering competitive pricing to the HE sector.

The following suppliers have been awarded to the agreement under five lots:

Awarded Suppliers
Lot 1 – Microsoft and Associated ServicesSoftcat, Phoenix, Civica, Insight, XMA, CDW, SoftwareOne, Bytes, Trustmarque and Pugh
Lot 2A – Adobe Enterprise Term Licence Agreement (ETLA)Academia, CDW, Softcat, SoftwareOne, Phoenix, Bytes
Lot 2B – Adobe Cumulative Licencing Program (CLP) AgreementsAcademia, Softcat, CDW, Phoenix, Insight, Bytes
Lot 3 – VMwareAcademia, SoftwareOne, XMA, CDW, Phoenix, Softcat
Lot 4 – OtherAcademia, Softcat, Phoenix, XMA, CDW, SoftwareOne, Civica, Pugh
Lot 5 – Software ServicesAcademia, CDW, Civica, XMA, Insight, Phoenix

SUPC Category Manager Mark Lewis says, “Covid-19 has seen a significant jump in spend in areas such as software and related services.  This agreement will ensure members have a compliant and cost-effective method to meet their needs, but it’s also flexible enough to respond to evolving demands over the coming years.”

The agreement is open to all members of the following consortia: APUC, HEPCW, NEUPC, NWUPC, LUPC and CPC.

Full agreement details including how to use the agreement are available through the HE Contracts Database.