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11th June 2024 Member Update

We’re delighted to announce our latest addition to your SUPC member benefits: a suite of contracting Terms and Conditions templates. Exclusively available to our full and associate members, you can download these resources below, or from the SUPC members’ area.

What are the benefits to members?

Feedback from our SUPC members has shown that there is a real demand for extra support with legal contracting and other similar templates to save your teams time and money. The templates have been specified by HE members and supplied by Brodies LLP Solicitors who currently hold a position in the UKUPC legal framework.

These templates are a highly valuable resource for procurement teams to support future contracting terms and conditions, providing a level of risk mitigation for organisations. They offer a significant saving for members who would otherwise need to instruct independent legal firms at an estimated cost of £10k+.

Working with Brodies LLP

To select Brodies LLP, our UKUPC partners at LUPC recently undertook a mini competition using the HE Legal Services Framework; Brodies were the winning bidder under the criteria of quality and value for money for ongoing services. SUPC and NEUPC have formally purchased the right to benefit from using these templates on behalf of their members via LUPC.  

Brodies are available to members via the Legal Services framework under Lots 1, 2, and 3 (commercial, dispute, and HR). They are highest ranked on commercial and HR and direct award is an option to members.

Members can use Brodies under the framework via the Call-Off contract. If you have a specific piece of work relating to the existing terms, please contact Brodies for a quote. They have confirmed preferential rates that are held within each consortia website.

Terms and Conditions templates key information

The Terms and Conditions (Ts & Cs) are suitable for Goods and Services and have been designed in a generic format. They can be expanded upon further for specific complex requirements with the additions of schedules, or expansion of specific key areas which need to be supported by strong contractual conditions / terms. For more simple contracts without any complexities the short form version can be utilised.

The Ts & Cs include drafting and guidance notes for consideration and further information which will support you when you are populating the contract. A series of schedules have been produced to support the core contract. Consideration should be given to these areas to determine which schedules apply. 

Any further queries linked to the templates provided can be referred directly to

What resources are available?

Phase 1:

  • Terms and Conditions for Goods and Services
  • Terms and Conditions for Goods and Services (short form)
  • We also include a Guidance note and presentation slides from Brodies that talk you through the documents above.

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Private Files

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For any specific queries linked to the templates please contact  

Phase 2:

  • Supplier Questionnaire (SQ) – the standard template.
  • Supplier Questionnaire (SQ) – for members outside of the regs so members can gauge the types of questions to ask in addition to the standard set
  • ITT – Open Procedure (new regs ready) with references – allowing members to use the current document but with guidance on the new regs
  • Schedule for IT Information Security
  • Supplier acceptance letter
  • Supplier rejection letter
  • A Guidance note and a future webinar to explain the templates. 

Members can login to access these files below.

Private Files

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We work hard to deliver exceptional value for our SUPC members. SUPC membership offers access to a wide range of value-added benefits to support your procurement team, and we are continuously reviewing these to bring you free events, tailored support, effective analysis and insights, as well as beneficial arrangements with other relevant organisations.

We hope you find the templates useful, and welcome further feedback on member benefits to