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23rd April 2021 Blog

SUPC has undertaken our annual distribution of marketing premium back to our members, ensuring they receive the full benefit of using framework agreements through our consortium.

This year, we have returned over £740k in marketing premium back to members based on their agreement use in 2019/20. Marketing premium, which we collect from suppliers, is generated from an institution’s spend via agreements available through SUPC membership. Over half of members will have covered at least 50% of the cost of their annual membership through this return of money, and virtually all members will have received some marketing premium back. 

While it continues to be a difficult time for universities and organisations across the HE sector, returning your marketing premium is part of our commitment to support you.  The SUMS Group, including SUPC, operates a subscription-based funding model, which provides service stability for members and transparency around the ROI members achieve through their membership.

As the challenges presented by Covid-19, Brexit and new ways of working continue, we will maintain our approach of returning marketing premium back to our members knowing that you are best placed to ensure these funds are used in the best interests of your organisation.

SUPC helps over 100 UK universities, colleges and educational charities to deliver value to their students, staff and wider communities through effective procurement. In 2019-20, our members spent over £386m through agreements and saved over £54.5m.

Membership provides organisations with access to over 120 framework agreements covering the most strategically important areas of institutional spend, along with a host of value-added services and support. 

Learn more about membership benefits here.  If you are interested in membership, email us at