What Tools and Resources are Available?

We have a large bank of resources both publicly available and available to our members through their logins. These resources treat key areas in responsible procurement including environmental sustainability, and protecting human rights.

Responsible Procurement

Environmental Sustainability

LSE’s Sustainability Strategic Plan and Procurement’s Key Supporting Role

Presentation from the LUPC & SUPC Joint Responsible Procurement Group meeting on the 4th of February 2021

LUPC & SUPC Responsible Procurement Event Webinars – 4th November 2020

Includes three 45-minute webinars on How to enable the transition from a linear to a circular economy, delivered by the Ellen McArthur Foundation, a case study featuring the University of Bristol’s goals and plans in place for tackling the climate emergency and an update from LUPC and SUPC responsible procurement leads on recent activity and resources.

Protecting Human Rights

Supporting Suppliers

SUPC’s updated Scope 3 report helps members understand their carbon emissions through supply chains and identify areas for reduction.
Human rights violations are common in the electronics industry, but often consumers are unaware of their severity.

SUMS Group is partnered with sector leader in sustainability, EAUC, to deliver expert sustainability support to colleges and universities across the UK and beyond.

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