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10th May 2022 Blog

UKUPC is taking part in the UK’s Mental Health Awareness Week, working together to support our members to focus on achieving good mental health. Each day we will be providing top tips, tools, and the support you need, to start living a mentally healthier life.

#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek was established over 21 years ago by The Mental Health Foundation, to this day they continue to set the theme, organise, and host the event, which this year focuses on the theme of loneliness, our connection to other people and our community.

UKUPC Webinar: Loneliness and Connection – Book Now!

Loneliness has had a huge impact on our physical and mental health during the pandemic and we will fully explore this theme on Friday 13 May with our UKUPC Webinar: Loneliness and Connection which is being hosted by the Higher Education Purchasing Consortium Wales (HEPCW) at 10 AM.

Register here to join us for this valuable session facilitated by Zainah Khan of Chakra Corporate Mental Strength and discover the ways in which we can identify and address loneliness in ourselves and others while learning:
  • How to recognise the signs and symptoms of loneliness in yourself and others.
  • How to recognise what loneliness is not.
  • How to identify your needs from personal relationships.
  • How to evaluate the quality of your existing relationships and how your needs are/are not being met.
  • How to connect with others when you cannot physically be with them.
  • How to feel fulfilled at times you feel alone.

Kick start your path to a mentally healthier life today by checking out this excellent article by The Mental Health Foundation on Student Loneliness or why not try these six instant stress strategies taken from an article published by Vitality on 12 April 2022 and written by Hattie Parish.

Day 1: Mental Health and Wellbeing for the Mind and Body

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Day 2: Priorities for Employee Wellbeing

During Mental Health Awareness Week it’s a good time to reflect on priorities when it comes to employee wellbeing. Some specific ways we connect with our colleagues are having walking meetings, regular virtual and in-person catch-ups, guided monthly mindfulness sessions, fun activities on various awareness days and opportunities to connect with nature.

Day 3: Mental Health Support for Staff

Mental Health Support for Staff
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Day 4: Best Practice for Optimal Mental Health and Wellbeing

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