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6th October 2023 Member Update

We are delighted to announce that members now have access to the latest iteration of the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Print Solutions Framework (PRI3137 NW). This framework is managed by NWUPC and is the successor to the previous Print Solutions Framework (PRI3070 NW) and is split into 6 categories.

The agreement runs from the 1st October 2023 until the 30th September 2025 with the option to extend for two further one year periods until 30th September 2027. A full user guide is available at HEContracts.

The framework is open to all Members of SUPC, NWUPC, HEPCW, LUPC and NEUPC.

What is a DPS?

  • As per regulation 34 of PCR 2015, a DPS is an electronic system for procuring commonly used goods and services
  • Like a Framework Agreement, a DPS gives you access to a list of pre-qualified suppliers who have met the mandatory requirements of the DPS
  • Unlike a Framework Agreement, all suppliers who meet the mandatory requirements of the DPS must be appointed to the DPS, and suppliers can join the DPS at any point throughout its duration
  • A DPS can be split into categories (like lots on a Framework Agreement), and suppliers can be appointed to a single category or multiple categories
  • Call-off under a DPS must be via mini-competition/further competition

Scope of the DPS

The Print Solution Framework DPS has been divided into the following Categories.

  • Category 1- Printed Stationery (e.g. envelopes, letterhead, labels)
  • Category 2- Security Printing (e.g. exam booklets, badges)
  • Category 3- Printed Prospectuses
  • Category 4- Printed Marketing Materials (e.g. leaflets, banners, posters)
  • Category 5- Digital Print Services
  • Category 6- Print Managed Service

The Print Solutions DPS has been established for the provision of the following goods and services:

The Scope of the DPS includes but is not limited to services that aid with the management of fully comprehensive end to end printing services from initial design to delivery, covering both services and finished physical or digital goods.

The scope will include both small volume and bulk printing- including lithographic, digital, large format, wide format and accessible printing; binding, copying, laminating, embossing and finishing. Products will include but not be limited to pre-printed stationery incl. envelopes, labels, postcards, booklets, calendars etc.; printing related to ‘security’ such as exam documents, name badges, plastic ID cards etc; printed and digital materials such as prospectuses, marketing fliers/leaflets, banners, signage, posters, brochures wallets and folders. The scope covers the provision of all elements of design work, web2print functionality and the fulfilment, packaging, storage and distribution of the in scope goods.

The scope also includes direct mail including database management, design and personalisation, printing, finishing, collation, and mailing of items to end users, on a non-mandatory basis.

A 2 page brief introductory guide to the Print Solutions Framework can be found here.