SUPC is a dynamic and dedicated team of professionals, employing a diverse range of skills and expertise to deliver the best possible frameworks and member services.  

Headshot of Bernarde Hyde, SUMS Group Chief Executive Officer

Bernarde Hyde

Group CEO

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Headshot of Joel Arber, SUMS Group Managing Director

Joel Arber

Group Managing Director

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Headshot of Gemma Payne, SUPC Head of Procurement

Gemma Payne

Interim Head of SUPC

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Headshot of Rob Parsley, Head of Marketing and Communications

Rob Parsley

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Claire Tudor-Morgan

Head of Finance and Operations

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Clare Whitfield

Special Projects Lead

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Headshot of Daniel Dabrowski, SUPC Category Manager

 Daniel Dabrowski

Category Manager, Professional Services

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Gavin Phillips

Category Manager, Academic Services

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Photo of SUPC Team Member Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis

Category Manager, ICT

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Oliver Bradbury-Stewart

Assistant Category Manager

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Taron Smith

Category Manager, STEMed

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Paul Sayles

Group Business Intelligence Manager

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Photo of SUMS staff member Jess Tuthill

Jess Tuthill

Senior Insight Analyst

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Liang Yew-Booth profile

Dr Liang Yew-Booth

Senior Insight Specialist

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Linda Thompson profile

Linda Thompson

Interim Procurement Tender Specialist

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Sylvie Perez Johns

SUMS Data Analyst

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Helen Noyes

Senior Administrator

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Helen Bolton Headshot

Helen Bolton


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Penny Dale profile

Penny Dale


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Izzy Mackenzie


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Headshot of Jo England, SUMS Group Marketing and Communications Manager

Jo England

Marketing and Communications Manager

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Charlotte Daniel

Marketing and Communications Officer

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Lorren Harvey

Marketing and Communications Assistant

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Headshot of Jenise Chisholm, Marketing and Events Assistant

Jenise Chisholm

Marketing and Events Assistant

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Image of Team Member Aysha Hayward

Aysha Hayward

Finance Manager

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Jayshree Vadgama

Accounts Assistant

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Headshot of Laura Hunt, SUMS Group Management Accountant

Laura Hunt

Management Accountant

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