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Available to all SUPC member institutions

The group seeks to provide a forum for discussion amongst members involved in contract and supplier relationship management. Here we can discuss institutional and sector approaches, best practice and case studies that provide insight into the various methodologies available across HE and further afield.

Amanda Weekes from the University of Surrey is the group’s chair and has been a contracts manager since 2018 working closely with the procurement function around governance and supplier relationship management.

The group is available to SUPC member institution employees whose activities involve the management of contracts, supplier relationships and wider governance.

Why join?

Attendees will benefit not only from the content and discussion of these meetings which will focus on different approaches to supplier relationship management and best practice but also as a networking opportunity with sector peers.

Previous agenda items and topics have included:

  • Contract Management Strategies
  • Contract Management & SRM Automation with Blockchain & AI
  • Data Management & Reporting
  • Relevant Software
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Risk Management
How to join

We will seek to run these meetings quarterly to enable us to engage with members and build the requisite content across both standard agenda items but also those suggested to be of interest by the working group. Each session would be set up for an hour.

Please contact SUPC Category Manager, Taron Smith - – to register your interest in the working group.