SUPC’s Library Group enables members to discuss key topics of interest regarding the procurement of goods and services that are used primarily by the library. In particular, the group focuses on the purchase of periodicals and books in both print and electronic format, as well as library-related goods.  

Membership of this group is open to:
•    Heads of Libraries, and library staff with responsibility for acquisitions or collection development
•    Procurement professionals with responsibility for libraries

By participating in this group, members will:
•    Discuss trends and share operational best practice for relevant products and services
•    Exchange feedback on supplier and contract performance
•    Develop market strategies
•    Help manage library collaborative agreements
•    Receive guidance on available collaborative agreements
•    Discuss supplier, market and product developments
•    Have access to email distribution lists for easy discussion with colleagues

This group meets twice a year.  To see when the next Library Group Meeting is taking place, visit our Events page.

Key Personnel

Position Name Telephone Email
Administrator Helen Noyes 0118 378 4304
Contract Manager Gavin Phillips 0118 378 4304

Frameworks & lots

Frameworks Lots Start date End date
Books, E-books, Standing Orders and Related Material - Inter-regional Agreement 01/08/2017 31/01/2022
Library Security and Self-Service Equipment, Software and Maintenance
20/08/2018 19/08/2022
Serials, Periodicals and Associated Services Joint Consortia Agreement
01/05/2019 30/04/2022
Library Management Systems and Associated Services 16/04/2020 18/04/2022
Online Streaming and Training Services (ITS1035AP) 30/10/2020 29/10/2022
Butchered Meat and Poultry 01/01/2022 31/12/2023
Books, e-books, e-textbooks, and associated services 04/01/2022 03/01/2024

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