21st July 2020

While business travel recovers more slowly than leisure and holidaymakers are able to make the most of the travel corridors for summer getaways, a number of institutions are looking at whether commercial airlines will be scheduling sufficient flights to get international students into the UK for the start of term in September.

While this remains in doubt, a number of institutions have been pursuing the idea of charter flights dedicated to getting the students brought directly to institutions.

SUPC Category Manager, Jayne Thorn, hosted a webinar earlier in the week with Matt Carter and Joanne Savory from Clarity BT, the number one supplier on the SUPC Travel Management Services framework, to understand more around the process.

Matt’s presentation talked us through how to charter a flight, onward travel once landed in the UK, and what costs might look like. It was a lot more complicated than we envisaged, but could be successful if the numbers look right. There was also a Q&A section at the end that considered everything from social distancing, to onboard experience, to selling freight space. You can view the webinar recording, presentation slides and a helpful FAQ sheet below.

Recorded Webinar:
Presentation Slides:
FAQ Sheet:

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