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1st February 2022 Member Update

SUPC members can now access the IT Equipment Reuse Recycling and Disposal Framework (ITS3082 NW). The main aims of this NWUPC Led framework are to reduce waste volumes, optimise product utilisation and enable the re-purposing of redundant items for use by others in accordance with the principles of the waste hierarchy. Structured under 1 Lot, this framework is available to Members of SUC, NWUPC, HEPCW, LUPC, and NEUPC. The agreement will run from the 15th January 2022 until the 31st December 2023 with the option to extend for two further one year periods until 31st December 2025, subject to satisfactory performance and the agreement of both parties.

Framework Launch Presentation

For a full breakdown of how to use the framework please watch the interactive presentation above or use this link. Created with Prezi, you are able to listen to the full recording by simply clicking the forward arrows at the bottom of the screen, or for a more interactive experience, click onto the section of the presentation that you are most interested in.

Framework Details

What’s New:

Whilst the intention is for this framework to be ‘cost-neutral’ for Members, we have included an option for institutions to be able to go to mini-competition if they would prefer to use the service as a way of generating income, by recovering whatever residual value the market can withstand at the time. There is a tool that they can utilise to compare the offers that the suppliers put forward that will determine which offer is the best for them from an economic standpoint. They can choose to take this as cash, credit and/or donations to a named charity, or any other not for profit beneficiary.

Benefits of Using This Agreement:

  • Maintain a free of charge service for IT equipment recycling, disposal and deployment, deskside, warehouse administrative and logistic capabilities if required.
  • Provide access to IT Equipment disposal providers utilising NCSC approved data sanitisation software, maintaining GDPR compliance.
  • Support Member Institutions in ensuring compliance with environmental policy and legislation 
  • Provide access to enhanced services such as on-site data destruction.
  • Support institutions in generating revenue through the extraction of residual value from redundant assets through the express incorporation of fair market rebates (where achievable).
  • Continue to incorporate the repurposing of a broader category of redundant and waste electronic equipment beyond IT assets.
  • Promote the re-use, redeployment and recycling of redundant assets delivering economic, environmental and social benefits, with an emphasis on the higher tiers of the waste hierarchy

Awarded Suppliers:

The following suppliers have been awarded to the agreement:

  • Stone Technologies Limited t/a Stone Group
  • Rapid IT Recycling Limited
  • Protech City Ltd

Further information including contact details, service offering and achieved scores is provided in the Buyers Guide available on HE Contracts.