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23rd June 2021 Member Update

SUPC members can now access the new Legal Services framework agreement (PFB5069 LU). The framework went live on 4 June 2021 and will run for three years plus an optional 12-month extension to 3 June 2025. It provides members with access to specialist law firms across three lots, and a one-stop-shop solution for law firms with the expertise to cover all lots and additional areas of law aligned to member requirements.

Framework Launch Presentation

For a full breakdown of how to use the framework please watch the interactive presentation above. Created with Prezi, you are able to listen to the full recording by simply clicking the forward arrows at the bottom of the screen, or for a more interactive experience, click onto the section of the presentation that you are most interested in.

Framework Details

Framework Lots and Suppliers Awarded (In ranked order):

What’s New:

The following elements are entirely new to this iteration of the framework:

  • Revised Lot Structure
    The new structure consolidates requirements into four clear lots and increases the scope of the specification to meet the needs of the many different member requirements. This includes areas of law such as international law and immigration, pharmaceuticals and research, galleries, libraries, arts and museums.
  • Improved Options for Direct Award
    The framework provides options for direct award, desktop calculator, and further competition. The direct award option allows members to direct award to a framework supplier that is not the highest-ranked; in the case where the supplier has previously acted on the same project and the member can demonstrate that awarding to the same supplier would either deliver greater savings and/or that it would be detrimental to the same project if the same supplier did not complete the work.
  • Retrospective Rebate
    The framework has a member-level retrospective rebate scheme that will decrease costs where annual spend meets pre-agreed levels.
  • Sustain Supply Chain Evaluation System
    The responsible procurement element of the framework will be managed via our online due diligence system, questions included link directly to the Sustain code of conduct and assess the ethical, social, economic and environmental and practices of the suppliers. The system allows LUPC to monitor and assess the successful bidders’ sustainability data and practices and provides an opportunity for continuous improvement and risk management.

Benefits of Using This Agreement:

  • Compliant route to legal services for members
  • A lot structure aligned to a wide range of member requirements
  • Competitive capped rates
  • A variety of call of options, including options to direct award to framework suppliers that have previously worked on a specific project
  • A variety of quality law firms
  • A retrospective rebate scheme providing member-level rebates where spend levels exceed set values
  • Additional value – offering additional benefits to members without additional charge
  • Suppliers evaluated on responsible procurement and social value to ensure that the new agreement meets the requirements of the sustainability, equality and diversity policies and standards of both the consortium and members
  • Robust framework management process in place

Further information including contact details, service offering and achieved scores is provided in the Buyers Guide available on HE Contracts.