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27th February 2024 Member Update

We are pleased to announce that the latest iteration of the LUPC Mobile Phones – Ethically Sourced Framework (TEL5082 LU) is now available to SUPC members and members of APUC, HEPCW,  LUPC, NEUPC and NWUPC. The agreement, which covers the supply of Fairphone handsets including the current series 4 and 5 models, commenced 17 February 2024 on a 3 + 1-year basis.

The benefits of using this framework agreement

  • Direct access to discounted prices for the purchase of the only smartphone that has been produced using conflict-free materials, Fairtrade gold and has a transparent supply chain
  • Exclusive SIM-only and bundled handset deals
  • An 8% saving compared to the best online prices for Fairphone
  • Free delivery (normally payable under similar agreements)
  • Loan agreement arrangements available to conduct end-user testing
  • Pricing applicable to personal purchases by staff and students

Supplier on this Framework:

Your Coop Business Solutions.

How has sustainability been considered in this framework?

Environmental sustainability and worker rights are key elements in determining the outcome of the award. Fairphone continue to make every effort to source all materials and manufacture the phone in an ethical manner, with the aim of minimising their social and environmental impact while protecting the employment rights of workers throughout the supply chain. This includes the use of conflict free minerals and partners to the Responsible Lithium Initiative as well as paying wages above the in-country minimum wage line and a device design that is both end-user repairable and with extended software support to maximize the phone’s useful life. The company has a commitment to supply chain mapping and sourcing from fair mining initiatives wherever possible including a minimum 30% fair material content and their supply chain mapping is publicly available. Devices include five-year manufacturer warranty, affordable spare parts, and free and public repair information. Ethical Consumer awarded the Fairphone 4 with its best buy certification and the Fairphone 5 was rated 5 stars in The Guardian by its technology review team.

Further information on this agreement including a Buyers’ Guide, the Fairphone supply chain impact report and detailed Fairphone product catalogues are available from HE Contracts.

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