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21st February 2021 Blog

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the initial Covid-19 crisis, it’s important to reflect on both the challenges and achievements of the last year in procurement.

As the global pandemic began to unfold, institutions were faced with an unprecedented and uncertain operating environment. At SUPC we recognised that our members needed us now more than ever. We chose to refocus our team on the areas where they could add the most value to members dealing with tough decisions.

Our 2019/20 Annual Impact Report highlights how members have been making the most of their SUPC memberships (check out our range of case studies!) and the hard work the SUPC Team has undertaken to support members leading up to and through the Covid-19 crisis.

Despite the challenges of lockdowns, supporting local NHS trusts and a rapid move to online working/teaching, UK universities and further education colleges spent £386m through SUPC agreements, achieving £54.5m in savings (including both cashable and non-cashable). 

You can read more about how SUPC has been helping members through Covid and Brexit while supporting the delivery of value for money in our report.