11th March 2024

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive collaboration between SUPC and Framespan, a unique framework platform, built to streamline searches, increase compliance and efficiency in your procurement process. As part of this collaboration SUPC have secured a discount for the standard Framespan subscription for all our members.

With Framespan, say goodbye to endless framework searches and hello to a centralised solution for your buying journey.

Here’s how Framespan can drive your efficiency and compliance:

1.     Save time:

Simplify your procurement journey with ease through our transparent centralised directory of all public sector frameworks, saving time and boosting efficiency.

2.      Find the Right frameworks:

Access 1,500+ frameworks and 11,000+suppliers, ensuring you find the best fit framework and supplier for your project or organisation needs.

3.      Stay compliant:

Bid farewell to compliance worries with Framespan. We’ve got you covered, ensuring you have compliant routes to purchase and reduce waivers.

Limited time offer for SUPC members!

SUPC has agreed a 10% discount off the standard subscription price of £2,500 (Plus VAT) for all our members. However, to coincide with our frameworks going live on the Framespan platform, there is a LIMITED TIME ONLY discount for members who subscribe before the dates set out below:

Contact the Framespan team to learn more about how it works and the various benefits that you can begin enjoying!

Join our webinar on 20 March to see Framespan in action!

SUPC introduction to Framespan webinar. Wednesday 20 March 2024.

We are hosting a webinar with Framespan on 20 March 11:00-12:00, for those who would like to see the platform in action.