Cost savings alone make it worth joining the SUPC
"The cost savings alone make it worth joining the SUPC"
On average members saved £85
On average, members saved £85 for every £1 spent on subscription fees.
Engagement, Leadership, Collaboration
"SUPC's engagement, leadership and collaboration on sector initiatives ensures SUPC members are informed and represented..."
Responsive and helpful
"I find SUPC very responsive and helpful.  Whenever its staff can provide assistance, they are happy to do so."
Relied upon
"SUPC can be relied upon to deliver value for money contracts, professional advice and good communication."
Difficult Areas
"SUPC continues to strive to implement framework agreements in difficult areas and this should be commended."
Responding, Advice
"I have always found SUPC very helpful in responding to queries and giving advice."
Access to Over 90 EU Tenders
SUPC Members had access to over 90 EU-tendered agreements covering a range of commodity areas in 2012/13
Our mission: to deliver value to our members through better procurement.
Universities seeking ever higher standards in their procurement are ..
Hardly a week passes when recruitment is not at the top of a higher ..