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Fraud Targeting HE Suppliers

Fraud Targeting HE Suppliers

SUPC has been made aware that HE suppliers are being targeted in a fraud scam where they receive an email or phone call requesting a quote for specific equipment/goods. Once the quotation has been provided, a fake purchase order is emailed to the supplier that bears resemblance to an authentic university PO.

The PO typically instructs delivery to an address that may or may not be affiliated with the university. If a university address is used, the fraudster then tries to intercept or redirect the delivery upon receiving a notification from the courier of dispatch and tracking. Otherwise, the scammer requests to be contacted by mobile as soon as the courier attempts delivery, and is then able to intercept the item/s or goods.


Please be assured that we have contacted our suppliers to ensure that they are notified of this. If you would like further information, please refer to this BUFDG discussion thread on the scam (login required).