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LUPC & SUPC Back to Work and Efficiencies Webinars - 11th and 16th June

LUPC & SUPC Back to Work and Efficiencies Webinars - 11th and 16th June

Please save the dates for LUPC & SUPC webinars on Back to Work and Efficiencies taking place on the 11th and 16th June.


Through our engagement with you, our members, we recognise the new and varied challenges you have and are facing during this time. 


Understanding that many of you have some teams returning to site as early as the 1st June, we have organised a “Back to Work” webinar.  Taking place on 11th June from 10.00-12.30, we have gathered a number of expert speakers on PPE, social distancing plans, Health and Safety issues and the frameworks we have available to help you.



We are also planning an Efficiencies webinar for the 16th June from 10.00-12.30.


Cutting Your Cloth: How Covid-19 is reshaping universities for a more efficient future

The intel is stark: all universities are going to face significant income challenges in the midst of an already tight fiscal landscape.  Government support, while welcome, is not going to be enough to pull those institutions on the precipice of collapse back from the edge.  The only way universities are going to pull through is to look at major efficiency programmes impacting non-pay spend.  Based on research with universities gathered from SUMS consulting and in-depth knowledge of procurement transformation programmes, Joel and Linda will outline the key steps attendees need to be taking towards making efficiencies now to ensure they can welcome students in the years ahead.


The second webinar will cover Debt Recovery.


Further information including registration details will follow shortly, but please save the dates for now.